Active shooter or threat


The following safety tips from the Public Safety Office are offered as a response guide for use during incidents of active shooter threats.

  1. The first step in personal safety is to maintain awareness of the situation and environment around you; be prepared to take appropriate action if a threat presents itself.
  2. Evacuate the area (whether inside or outside a building) if you know that it is safe to do so โ€” seek shelter in a nearby building if the threat is exterior to a campus building.
  3. If a threat presents itself, seek cover and barricade yourself (with others if possible) by placing as much material between you and the threat โ€” remain quiet and turn off lights to make the area appear unoccupied.
  4. As soon as it is safe to do so, notify authorities by calling 911 and provide as much information as possible.
  5. Do not approach emergency responders โ€” let them come to you. Keep your hands visible to them.
  6. Remain under cover until the threat is passed or you have been advised by law enforcement that it is safe to exit.
  7. Activate cell phones to receive campus emergency notification that may be sent through the text messaging system.

The university has an emergency text message notification system. In order to receive text message alerts, go to to register your personal contact information. This system will be used to notify you of any nonweather-related critical life safety issues on campus.

For more information about this subject please contact the Public Safety Office at 864-5900.


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